SIMFAS manufactures sealants for various applications and uses.

Acrylic Sealant Standard

Acrylic-based sealant with good adhesion to most building materials. Suitable for frozen storage down to -18 °C, over three cycles.


Acrylic Sealant M1

Acrylic sealant with good adhesion to most building materials. M1 environmental classification. Does not withstand freezing.


MS polymer

Single component moisture-cure sealant, with excellent adhesion properties to most materials.


Butyl sealant

Plastic, non-skinning sealant.


Outdoor sealant

Plastic, skinning sealant based on polymerized oils.


Ventilation sealant

Acryl-based sealant with corrosion protection. Also available in VDI6022 standard quality.


Window putty

Traditional linseed-oil based putty.



Firestop sealant

Silicate-based firestop sealant that can withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C.


Construction and sanitary silicon

Single component silicone sealant with neutral curing system. Highly resilient in the -40 – +150 °C temperature range.

Glass silicon 

Single component, fast-acting, acetic-curing elastomeric silicone sealant. Not treated with anti-mold.



Single component silicone for elastomeric seals at fire-stopping and fire-resistant joints.