Wall Fillers

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SIMFAS manufactures ready-mixed fillers, which fulfil CE-marking requirements, and are developed both for contract painters and the DIY.

Light fillers

LF: A fine-grained, white, all-purpose filler for walls and ceilings. EN 13963 and EN 15824.

LM: A medium-grained, grey filler developed for joint filling and skimming. EN 13963 and EN 15824.

LG: A course-grained, gray filler with high filling ratio. EN 15824.

LV: A fine-grained, light blue, wetroom filler. EN 13963 and EN 15824.

R: A medium grade, light-grey filler, for roller application. EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Machine & Spray fillers: A fine-grained, light-grey filler, developed for spray application. EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Traditional sand fillers

F: White, fine-grained filler for manual application. EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Spray filler: White, fine-grained filler for spray application on walls and ceilings. EN 15824.

Splice filler J: Grey, medium-grained filler for splice filling. EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Wood fillers

A super fine-grained, white filler with good color bearing capacity, developed for indoor woodwork.

Super light filler

A fast-drying, light grey filler for patching and repair.