Simfas manufactures a variety of ready-mixed fillers that meet the requirements for CE marking and are intended for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts. We offer lightweight fillers, traditional sand fillers, carpentry fillers and a wide variety of other fillers. Our focus is on product development, and we are constantly developing new fillers that are of very high quality. Production takes place in our modern, efficient factory.

We can also help you with eco-labels – for example, Nordic Swan and M1.

We can always adapt the formula to the needs of our customers, depending on the desired quality and the product application.

Lightweight fillers

Wall filler LF
A fine grain, white all-round filler for walls and ceilings.
EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Wall filler LM
A medium grain, grey filler for joint filling and surface filling.
EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Wall filler LG
A coarse grain, grey filler for padding.
EN 15824.

Wall filler LV
A fine grain, light blue, wet room filler.
EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Wall filler R
A medium grade, light grey filler for application with rollers.
EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Machine & Spray fillers

Wall filler MS
A fine grain, light grey filler adapted for application with a sprayer.
EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Traditional sand fillers

Wall filler F
A white, fine grain filler for hand application.
EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Spray filler

Spray filler
White, fine grain filler for spraying on walls and ceilings.
EN 15824.

Joint filler J

Joint filler
Grey, medium grain filler for joints.
EN 13963 and EN 15824.

Wood filler

An extra fine grain, white filler that can be painted for indoor woodwork.

Repair filler

Super Light Filler
A quick drying, white filler for mending and repair.